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Fantadrull, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying About The Abyss (Sort Of).
Tinder (Noun) - Dry, Flammable Material. Like This Post. Lol.
Miracles Do Happen (Though, Obviously, They Aren't Actually Miracles)
The Bob Mem-dentity
Aaaaand I'm Back.
Pre-Post Poorly Produces Pre-Prepared Poems.
Keep Your Creativity Alive, Don't Think And Strive.
Time: A Sexy, Blowing-A-Kiss-At-You-From-The-Cover-Of-Maxim God
Box Set Binge Bloke In Human Husk Hypothesis.
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Department Of Wank And Problems.
Parenting, Self Pity And Rum
The Bog Standard Of Rail Travel.
The Tradition Of Tradition: Ridiculous.
Waves Of Nausea In The Sea Of My Indifference.
Want Something? Be An Abusive Tool.
100 Posts In And My Brain Is Dying. It's Your Fault.
They Say You'll Find Platitudes When You Stop Looking.
I Am Man, Hear Me Grumble.