Aaaaand I'm Back.

Good day lovely, lovely audience. is back in action.  I've just spent hours pasting all the old content in, so you can start enjoying that immediately.  The text is in weird fonts and occasionally changes size a bit, and the  links might not work on any posts below this one and it's possible the odd word may have been deleted in error, but it's all there.  I'll work on making the back catalogue more attractive, just wanted to get it online for now.

Again, anything below this post is old.  Like, from between 2011 and 2016 old.  Anything above this post is brand spanking new.  This post is the metaphorical line in the digital sand.

So read, comment, share.  Generally get involved.  New posts will be up very soon but, frankly, getting all this done has knackered me, so that's it for right now.  I'm gonna have an egg or something, I'm bloody starving.



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