Box Set Binge Bloke In Human Husk Hypothesis.

You remember when you used to feel loads of emotions?  Like, sometimes all at the same time, and they’d come from interacting with other people, or at least tangible, actual, real things?  Do you remember that?  No?  Maybe it’s just me then, but I swear I used to emote more, more than I do now.  Don’t know what happened.  There’s no way to pinpoint what it might be that’s sapping my very ability to care about reality.  Sad, really.  Television shows are good now though, aren’t they?  I mean really, very good.  So good that maybe I don’t need friends or family or hopes or dreams or to wash or go outside.  Maybe I should be worried about this development, but I just finished an episode of Mr Robot so I’m all out of paranoia, concern and confusion.
I’m fairly sure it’s happening.  Not scientifically, medically sure, but still.  Devoting huge chunks of my spare time to working my way through box sets seems to be at least stifling my empathy. I find myself zoning out when a conversation isn’t driving the plot forward, I yawn at anything less than sensational. I’m also currently self medicating one dose of binge eating whole seasons on Netflix, with an additional weekly supplement of Amazon Prime. so I’m getting lost-in-world intensity and suspense-of-delay appreciation, all in one heady hit. It’s a wonder I make it to the keyboard at all, to be honest.
It is possible that I’m just imagining this new Modern Human Disease. It’s possible that the reason I well up when a major character dies and leaves a sick child behind, yet blink dry, crusty blinks when reading about real world tragedy, is that there’s a stirring soundtrack and heart-string twanging scripted dialogue in one, and too much death, pain and misery for my tiny, meaty brain to comprehend in the other. Mostly just the music though, probably. Also, unless I’m very much mistaken, there is a marked difference in number of highly explosive items, which I find to be hugely disappointing. We’re going to entirely rule out the possibility that I’m an emotionless, sociopathic sort because, well, because I’m typing this and so here I control your reality.

Right, that’s your lot for today because I’m tired and I’ve just got back from band practice and these episodes aren’t going to watch themselves. I’ll reach further tomorrow, really feel the burn.

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