While The World Burns, Why Not Warm Your Hands?

Ok, very quickly: Dads house sold, found a place, bought it. Solicitors are rubbish. Social life dwindling, not drinking is lame. Soon to be an uncle, my child basically a grown up now. Dating apps still not working for me, building woman out of leftover PC components. World still ending, rate of decline building.

That's you up to date since the last post. I have done some other stuff that I'll probably write about in more depth, so no spoilers.

Mmmm, toasty.

Right then, the present. JESUS CHRIST! END DAYS!! The Coronavirus sweeps the planet, its symptoms including a need to be  physically close to Andrex Quilted and the desire to eliminate the elderly. Governments around the globe struggle to cope with the overwhelming stupidity of their people, and decades of their own poor management. Donald Trump, in particular, finally starts to see his plan to kill as many Americans as possible pay off. Coming as a massive surprise to every single UK resident, the NHS is totally fucked. Like, totally, utterly fucked. Who knew?! Pubs, clubs, theatres and restaurants close, and businesses recommend working from home where at all possible. So I am. Well, and writing blogs, but only in the down time so just leave it alone you grass. 

This is day #1 of the BinaryMoan quarantine. I say quarantine, but I'm going to nip to Tesco in bit and then I'll be self isolating. Maybe people think in order to isolate they have to wrap themselves in 30-40 inches of loo roll. Regardless, I shall be avoiding leaving the house as much as is humanish possible post stock up, so expect a wealth of entertaining (not a guarantee) blog posts over the coming weeks. I may even post some videos on Youtube, as I have now set up a BinaryMoan channel. Nothing on it yet but, having flicked through a few of the millions of already available channels, I actually think that makes my channel one of the better ones at the moment. Quality will drop as soon as I start uploading, obviously.

Spirits are currently high. For me. So about 60% for everyone else. I have a healthy list of films and TV to watch, I have some food, I have many Playstation games I haven't even started and I'm not all that fond of people anyway. I expect this to change over the next few days. Not the people thing - they will always suck - although I'm sure even I will crave human contact eventually. In the meantime I will be perpetually checking news updates, washing my hands until they've dissolved, and making myself feel like a bloody saint by watching other folk act like a bunch of selfish, careless, pasta obsessed faeces factories. Because if the world's going to burn, I may as well warm my hands. That's totally the headline.

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