Moaning about a moan is pointless. Not the moan.

Firstly, a little note about my notes not being little enough. It has been brought to my attention – by those with not much attention – that some of my posts are a little long and wordy. Short of accompanying future ramblings with brightly coloured crayon drawings I struggle to imagine how some points can be elucidated more simply. Still, from now on I shall employ a technique I have decided to call the Bel-Kel method. Those responsible will know who they are. Before each post I shall offer a pathetically short, childish, shallow summation of what follows. That way, if you don’t really want to be here reading stuff, you don’t have to be. You can get back to colouring in, straying outside of the lines and slurping fruit juice from a carton. And so, the Bel-Kel version follows thus:

A moan isn’t always pointless. Moaning about a moan is. So don’t, and do something about it instead.

Now, for those with an attention span and a reading age of above six, here is an actual article with longish words and that. If you don’t have time, don’t read it. But don’t moan that it’s too long. That’s just silly.

Apparently I am prone to concentrate on the negative. Apparently. Don’t see it myself, but there we are. I shall forever be seen as a pessimistic type, ambling through life under a cloud of preemptive disappointment and simmering rage, even when I’m actually feeling quite cheery. Even when I’m positively beaming, like when I see an enemy verbally lacerated or physically wounded, I will still be the miserable one. That’s fine, I can deal with that. I don’t have a problem being the one who moans, and will happily admit that I enjoy a good one whenever I can. What I’m less happy about is the detrimental tone used when uttering the word moan, as if it’s a bad thing. It’s not. Always.

If something is not to my satisfaction, when somebody has been a bit of a prick, wherever there is injustice (as deemed by me), I will make it perfectly clear. I’m kind of like a really low rent super hero in that respect. So, should I have a particular grievance, say, inconsiderate bastards stopping dead in the middle of town, as if they were they only people on the planet, I will announce my opinion. Often quite loudly. Or if there is a work place based rule set in place that makes little to no sense, I will make clear my feelings on that very foolishness. Often at high volume. Basically I find it very difficult not to make my feelings known on any given topic, especially if the topic is ‘something is wrong with something’.

People talk about me and my fellow moaners as if we are causing a problem, as if we’re not providing a valuable service, or what would be a valuable service if anyone bloody well listened. You see, a moan is a warning of sorts. A verbal recognition of some sort of failure in the world, not always on a global scale but worth noting nevertheless. I don’t moan just for my own sense of smug betterness, there are other reasons as well. I like to think that, for each declaration of dissatisfaction, someone might listen and do something about it. Y’know, because they can, because it seems important enough to them or something. I mention it because if I don’t, how will anybody know that there’s anything wrong. If I don’t mention it, what right do I have to be annoyed, because if I was really that annoyed I’d probably mention it, because if i don’t mention it nobody will hear it and if nobody hears it, no one will do anything about it. So it will probably happen again, which would really annoy me.

So I mention it.

Thing is, you think I’m just moaning. Which I am, only without the just. Some people don’t complain, gripe, propose problems or indeed moan. They’re really weird, those people. Either there is nothing wrong in their lives, or they’re normal, healthy people with normal, healthy things to loathe and be irritated by. Things that, if mentioned loud enough, could be fixed by someone who can. So next time you hear what you consider to be a moan, actually have a listen. It’s probably something relatively insignificant, something minor, something possibly easily solved. Instead of tutting and rolling your eyes, why not solve it easily. And if you have a problem with something, instead of smiling and saying everything’s fine, why not have a moan. What’s the worst that could happen?

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